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~*~[Guide Verification]~*~

Post by DARKIE on 15/3/2012, 7:17 pm

~*~[Smokin Mils Guide Verification Method]~*~

Hello potential guide makers!

If you are looking to have your guide officially verified then please read the content in this thread.

The following people are able to verify guides:

Guide verifying managers:


The following is the verification scoring sheet:

Category: Points:
Information: /10
Copyright Check:
Total Points:/50

Every guide that is verified will receive scores in each section which will be totalled up

Your guide will be verified based upon this multi-step method:

    1. The title of the guide will receive a 'Verified by Official Guide Verifier' ( 'Officially Verified Guide', for example) tag in it's title.2. The guide will receive the appropriate stamp of verification on the guide post. - A guide with a rating of 40  will receive the verification stamp:-A guide with a rating of 45  will receive the Gold verification stamp:3. A follow up post will be made by a Guide Verifier as an indication that guide has been verified and that post will also contain a stamp.

***This will be a free service***

Benefits of having your guide officially verified:

    Guarenteed safety and security to customers who purchase guidesIncreased public recognition due to official verification stamping and title alteration

How to get your guide verified:

Contact BOTH, (Dag and MyPet Tr0ll) official guide verifiers via forum PM or IRC query with the following information:

I wish to have my guide verified.
Link to guide: [INSERT LINK HERE]
Format of guide: [Example: Google spreadsheet, RS Wiki document, etc]
Link to your thread containing the guide: [INSERT LINK HERE]
How much you are planning on selling the guide for (if applicable): [INSERT GUIDE COST HERE]

Please note that all guides needs to be verified by every guide verifier and scores to be averaged out.
The verification process can take up to 24hours.
If you are a 'Rank', 'Trusted' or 'Highly Trusted' and are found to have used someone else's work for 'your' guide then you will have your ranked status and your badge revoked and issued a TWC badge.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this information

Guide Verification Team
Grandmaster (2000 posts)
Grandmaster (2000 posts)

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