IMPORTANT: Rules and Guidelines to username buying/selling.

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IMPORTANT: Rules and Guidelines to username buying/selling.

Post by Divine on 10/9/2012, 11:37 pm

Guidelines to username buying/selling

If you are planning to buy or sell a username, you must do so by the following rules:

1. You are NOT allowed to sell or buy an account to transfer, accounts can easily be recovered.
Forum rule 24:
Account sales and trading are not permitted, unless one has a Trusted or Highly Trusted badge.

2. The name that is going to be transferred MUST be on a level 3 account with no stats or wealth.

3. If you plan to transfer the name, use the following procedures:
- The buyer pays the seller or a middleman first.
- The seller or the middleman gives the buyer access to the level 3 account with no stats or wealth.
- The buyer goes on the account and transfers the name himself, changing the current name to a new one that was agreed upon.
- The seller receives the account back.

4. You MUST show the name you're selling on the topic, as in our system the seller holds NO risk.

5. If the transfer process fails, the payment remains, it's up to the buyers discretion. You are transferring the name yourself and nobody needs to know exactly when, this should be easy to do without failing but if you do fail, it is your own fault and you still pay the price, no exceptions.
Keep in mind that you should use a Middleman if you doubt the seller, and make sure you either record or make screenshots of the ENTIRE procedure.

And last but not least, don't tell ANYONE you are transferring the name or when you are doing it, this increases the risk of it being sniped and is completely needless.

Goodluck and if you have any more questions, ask our Black Market Moderator WagerHost, I'm personally not involved with these activities Razz

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