Runespan's Guide to The Runespan.

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Runespan's Guide to The Runespan.

Post by Turm on 29/7/2013, 3:58 am

What is The Runespan?
The Runespan is the ultimate way to train your runecrafting very quick, efficient and easy. As opposed to traditional methods of runecrafting where it is time consuming, requires other skills to access alters and teleports, however you make money in the process of the traditional method of runecrafting. For those people who just want runecrafting experience welcome to The Runespan. The Runespan is its own seperate area access through the top floor of the wizards tower through a low level or high level portal. With three different floors inside each with their own usefulness and methods to train. We will go over the best methods and what I used to level up runecrafting quickly and as efficient as possible. World 39 is the official Runespan world.

Starting out:
What you will want to have on you is nothing except for any outfit that will reduce your weight although it is not required to wear or have anything on you. Just head to the top floor of the Wizards tower and enter the portal suited to you. If you are levels 1 to 33 runecraftung use the lower leveled runespan portal. If you are 33+ runecrafting use the high leveled portal. 

Low Level Portal:
High Level Portal:

Inside The Runespan:
Map of floor 1:
To start off grab some essence from the floating rocks (They are on every Island)
Floating Essence:
This will give you 25 essence. Start but siphoning the creatures to gain more essence as well as start getting different types of runes. At lower levels It is best to just stock up on alot of the lower level runes and build up your essence pile so that you have plenty to use later and can purely exp gain. Siphoning creatures successfully 5 times will grant you 5 of the rune of the creature and an additional 50 essence. Do this until you have 1000 essence stocked up. Once you have over 1000, start working on nodes. Nodes are the other objects you can siphon from and have varying appearances and give varying runes based on what they are.

To identify which runes you will receive from the node look at the base of the node and which rune/runes symbols appear around it.
Node identification:
Nodes last a random amount of time and give you no essence just a good amount of experience and the runes listed. Nodes are the best way to gain large amounts of exp faster but can deplete your essence supply rapidly. Based on your levels gather up every type of rune you can and stock up at least 200 of each so you can change islands smoothly and have extras in case the yellow wizard ask for them.

To change islands simply walk and click on the teleport pad. These pads will have markings on them to symbolize which runes are needed to cross them.
Teleport pads:
An very short animation will start for the changing of islands and you will appear on the island connected by that particular pad. You will not be charged runes for crossing to islands that are larger than the one you are currently on.

If you are under level 33 just roam around the islands gathering the different types of runes and stock up on essence. If you just hit level 33 you can travel up the vine ladder to the 2nd floor where new rune types and a map layout will be available to you.
Vine ladder:

Second Floor:
Second Floor Map:
On the second floor you do the same as the first floor, travel around and stock up on the new rune types available to you and keep on leveling up as you will remain here for a while before moving onto the next floor. You can access the bone ladder to the 3rd and final floor at 66 however it is highly advised you do not move up until level 77 as the experience rates on the second floor will be better for you to train quickly. Once you stock up on your new rune types and even more essence head to the island with the bone ladder on it. at level 54 to 77 you will train on the island with the bone ladder and the two islands to the south of it. high level nodes will spawn on the two islands south and if there are none available you will want to be on the island with the bone ladder. The close proximity of the islands and variation of high level nodes and creatures make this the best training area until level 77. At level 77 enter the bone ladder and move up to the final floor.
Bone ladder:

Third Floor:
Third Floor Map:
The third floor will be your home for the rest of your runespaning. Although large like the other floors there is only one area of focus that is important to you and leveling up quickly.
Training area:
The area you see is the best training location. The larger island in the middle provides low level nodes consistently which provide a large amount of exp per hour, while the other island around provide high level nodes and creatures. As you can see by the people on these islands these are popular islands and on World 39 (Official runespan world) Runespaning on world 39 can be beneificial for your experience because the bots locate nodes across the large island that you cannot even see so following them can provide you with some of the best rates you can get. Getting high level nodes are great to grab when you see them but overall siphoning low level nodes consistently will prove to be better in the long run.

Other Information:
When a blue/yellow wizard is in view talk to them. The blue wizards will tell you the location of the yellow wizard, and the yellow wizard will ask for a specific rune type to give to him. Unless you are 40 or higher runecrafting it is not beneficial to look for the yellow wizard unless he is on an adjacent island to you. the search for the wizard for the experience given is not worth it and you would gain more exp by focusing on the nodes around you. If you are level 40 to 77 give the yellow wizard the highest level rune you have. if you are 78+ give him the rune he ask for to receive the most experience possible. The yellow wizard will ask for your help every 10 minutes and it is suggested that you find him whenever possible as it will help your exp/hour greatly.

Runespheres: Runespheres should only be done if you know the location and the starting layer is in your top 2 runes that you can do. if not avoid them as they will be waste of experience for you. at levels 85+ avoid them completely as high level nodes will provide more exp than runespheres. Runespeheres rapidly grant exp and give you runedust which can be used on the core at the end for 25exp/dust.


To trade in your runespan points for rewards simply leave the runespan and talk to Wizard Finix. You can buy mage staffs, wicked robes, and a massive pouch. Esteem is purely for visual symbols on your wicked robes and tier 1 esteem is required for trimmed comp cape. You can also recolor your wicked robes for 2k points.

Leaving the runespan will exchange all of your runes and essence for points so you will never to gather up runes again when you enter again. It is suggested that you stay inside the runespan for as long as possible to avoid wasting time rebuilding up your runes and essence everytime you want to runespan.
Wicked robes are completely lost on death and you will need to buy them again if you die.
The Wicked Hood will teleport you to the runespan portals so remember to use it whenever possible.
Spend your points wisely as they are non refundable and be sure you want to purchase what you want before buying everything.

Remember the Runespan is time consuming and requires focus most of the time. However all of your hard work will be rewarded and things get easier as you level up. All of your hard work will pay off with a nice runecrafting cape. Play music, watch videos while you runespan and make it enjoyable for yourself. It can be boring at times and most of the people there are bots which don't respond.

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Re: Runespan's Guide to The Runespan.

Post by Daddy on 27/8/2013, 4:30 am

Thanks alot for the guide ;p !

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