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Post by [ADMIN] Billious on 12/11/2013, 2:25 am

This section is all about finding items to flip. While many of these lists came from an older section of the forums the items listed on them still work for the most part. Just be aware of any that were made before July 2012 as there was an update on the limits of some items like spirit shields which went from a limit of 2/4 hrs to 1/4 hrs. So check the limits of items before you try them.

I encourage everyone to make a flipping list of items that work for you, even if you keep it private. The more items on your list the more successful you will become. Over time you will also find your list changes as your flipping style gets better. Back when I started as a merchant I stuck to mainly active items and rares, but now days I barely ever touch those items. I tend to have less time and am much more comfortable inactive flipping now, so my personal list has evolved a lot. All of my favourite items can be found on the clan flipping list, however this was made to encompass all wealth levels and flipping styles so when using it pick and choose those right for you.

Also don't forget to look at peoples logs. These are great resources where you can find items in your wealth range as well as what has been working well lately. Merchant diaries go into more detail and can also explain many things about the items themselves, helping you to know how to go about flipping individual things.


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