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Post by Divine on 29/11/2013, 1:21 am

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Dear forum member,
Thanks for showing interest in the VIP status!

The VIP status originated years ago, here on SM.
Forum members paid a monthly fee for extra RuneScape merchanting guides and personal merchanting help.
When Snow took over, he wanted to expand the VIP service to something much bigger,
to something that wasn't technically possible on these forums, Merchz.com was born!

If you don't know what Merchz is, check out the trailer in the spoiler below:
Merchz Trailer:

Buying VIP access on Merchz will grant you the VIP status and badge on SM too Smile
All you need to do is pm me with your Merchz name and the PayPal email you used to pay, then I can upgrade you.

Keep in mind that, other than access to the VIP only forum here on SM, there are no additional rewards here.
Snow and I focus our efforts on Merchz as it is easier for us to keep things in one place and a lot of work to begin with as it is.

Merchz is a website revolving around RuneScape merchanting, which sells a unique service... Live graphs!

Upgrading to the Live Graphs

If you are hesitating to subscribe, check out our free trial first.
For opinions from others, check the feedback page.

Alternatively you can ask Snow or Divine if it'll be worth your money.
We always try to give a personal advice on whether it'll be a valuable service for you.
We've advised people against purchasing our services, based on a lack of funds or lack of interest in short and long term investing.

What's in it for you?

You'll become a Merchz VIP, which gives you access to the only source of updated prices of items for RuneScape©️.
We currently have Live Graphs for 83 of the most popular items. You can see which ones in the list at the bottom of the page.

The Live Graphs on Merchz are updated throughout the day and have a lot of historical data.
This gives you very valuable insights for short and long term investments and enhances your merchanting in a unique way.
You can easily monitor the prices of a lot of items at once and invest at the right moments.
Again, you can test this out yourself by trying our free trial.

Below is a more visual representation of the differences between what Merchz offers and what RuneScape offers.

Click the images to enlarge them

The RuneScape GraphMerchz Regular GraphMerchz Live Graph
Duration1 Hour1 MonthForever
PaymentStart trial
Above you saw an example of a comparison between what RuneScape offers and what Merchz offers.
We have this for all 83 items in the image below and a VIP can click on them to view their live graph.
Keep in mind that this image shows an example of all of the live items we offer, not their current prices.

Duration1 Hour1 MonthForever
PaymentStart trial


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