Buying Nike Yeezys Red Octobers

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Buying Nike Yeezys Red Octobers

Post by KushBush on 21/12/2013, 10:33 am

I'm a bit of a sneaker head so these shoes are a must buy and it'll be extremely hard to get these shoes. They release on the 27th on with limited quantity and loads of people are going to want them.
With that being said, if anyone of you manage to buy a pair I'll give you 1b gp. Keep in mind these shoes are $245 so it's a pretty good deal. Obviously if you're serious and I can trust you I'll give the money first if not it will go to a middle man. You may be really confused on what I'm asking so if you have any questions I can answer them.

Tl;dr paying 1b for 245$ shoes

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