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PlayerAuctions is a website where MMOG players can trade safely. It acts as a marketplace MiddleMan with well over 100 games, and offers selling and purchasing of items, in game currency, accounts and even services.

How PlayerAuctions works:
Selling and buying is 100% safe, as your money is locked in PlayerAuctions system until both parties confirm delivery. If a seller does not deliver, buyer can claim refund. If you are falsely accused as a seller, all you have to do is send a video proof of delivery, and money will be sent to your account.

Creating account:

1) To get started first step is Registration

Registration form:
The form is pretty standard. Requires Username, Password and your Email. If you have found out about PlayerAuctions via Smokin_mils, please put us as your refferer. Thank you Smile

2) To become buyer/seller your account needs to get Verified.
Your verification can be done via SMS text or Phone Call. [Due to security reasons VOIP, prepaid SIM card phone, pay phone and exstension numbers can not be used for verification]

NOTE: All information you provide have to be 100% correct. If data is not real verification process will not be completed, you will not be able to sell/buy and might even end up on Black List (you will never be able to open another PlayerAuctions account). Your personal information will be completely safe. To learn more you can read Privacy Policy.
Once you click on Send my verification pin you will proceed to next page on which you will have to enter the mentioned pin. This process is usually instant, but may take up to 30 minutes. If you haven't received your pin even after 30 minutes please check if your phone number is entered correctly and resend PIN.

Every game has it's own set up. For explaining purposes I will use Runescape market.

Once your verification is completed you will be eligible to make purchases and message other PlayerAuctions members.
To make a purchase choose a game from alphabetical Menu
Choose market you are interested in, and browse offers.
There is number of factors you can look when deciding on seller.

1) Online status - Green person indicates the player is currently online. Grey person means player is offline, and brow person means players status in unknown.
2) Sellers name - Once you buy couple of times on PlayerAuctions you will probably have prefered seller from which you will buy most often. By clicking on sellers name you will be able to see all offers set up by that seller, as well as his feedback rate.
3) Guaranteed delivery time – This is the time frame in which buyer guarantees to deliver your gold. NOTE: Guaranteed delivery time only starts once PlayerAuctions verification process is completed.
4) Feedback – First number is the total number of feedbacks the seller got. Percentage tells you how many positive feedbacks he has.
5) Price  
Once you decided who are you gonna buy from simply click button Buy and you will be forwarded to CheckOut page, on which you will be required to fill in following information
NOTE: Your payment options and fees will vary depending on your country's policy. To check possible restrictions in your country please contact PlayerAuctions via Contact Us button in top right corner.

Once you complete these steps PlayerAuctions will verify your order.
When making first purchase they might give you a call on your registered phone number to check your information.
The verifying process depends on your paying method, but is usually completed within only few minutes (if all of your information is correct and existing).

To check status of your order you have to Sign in, and then click Check your pending orders
Here you will be able to see all orders that are Active, Require your action (such as confirming delivery, or leaving feedback), Waiting on other members, Being processed, Closed.
When you click on each order you will be able to see more details such as price, feedback and timeline.

NOTE: Record every trade! In a case of possible scam you can send a dispute and your video, and will be fully refunded for the order.

You can change your account settings in the account menu on the left side.

To sell on PlayerAuctions you must have PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill account, as those are only two options for disbursement.

You will have to set up your seller account in the left Menu
Once you fill out all the information and send request, PlayerAuctions will verify it and register you as a seller.


1) Select Sell in menu and click Sell Now

2) Choose what would you like to sell [for explaining purposes I will choose currency]

3) Choose the game, set up duration and your prices. Prices depends completely up to you, and volume discounts are not mandatory. You can turn them off by unchecking the box.

4) Enter your title and Description of your offer. Choose your guaranteed delivery time.

NOTE: If you do not deliver within guaranteed time buyer might ask for refund in which case you will have to pay cancelation fee, or leave you negative feedback.

5) Select Delivery method (options will vary depending on the game you choose).
Delivery character name and Message are optional, and are completely up to you.

Click Create New for sale offer

NOTE: You can only have ONE active for sale offer for each market at a time.


To check your orders you have to Sign in, and then click Check your pending orders
Here you will be able to see all orders that are Active, Require your action (such as delivering, confirming delivery, or leaving feedback), Waiting on other members, Being processed, Closed.
If order awaits for your delivery Under Order status it will say Pending delivery.
Once you click on that order you will be able to see further information.
Once you deliver the gold click Confirm Full Delivery.
To cancel click Cancel Order.

NOTE: If you cancel order as a seller you will pay cancellation fee.

Here you can check how much money will be disbursed, buyers info and see how long you have left until your Guaranteed time expires.

In the Event Log you will be able to check when the order was created, when PlayerAuctions verified it, and when the delivery is confirmed and Disbursement sent.

NOTE: Make sure to RECORD every delivery. The video has to show PlayerAuctions page opened on Order info (Order ID, amount, time left, buyers name). In a case of someone disputing that video has to be sent to PlayerAuctions in order to close the dispute.


Once you create your order you can display, hide or edit it depending on your needs.

To do so click on My Account and My For Sale Offers.
To change action on your offer check the box next to it and choose Edit/Cancel/Hide/Recommend.
If you Cancel your offer it will be closed and you will not be able to display it again.
Hiding offer will make it active but not visible for anyone else but you.
To Display offer follow same procedure starting from the Hidden.

NOTE: Once you Edit your offer it will automatically become visible, even if it was hidden prior to editing.


You can check all disbursed orders and what the fees were in the left side Menu.

NOTE: Fees depend on your disbursement method.

For all additional information please check out PlayerAcutions FAQ/Help center  or contact their support via Contact Us.

1) Once your delivery is pending send a message to the buyer confirming your meeting point and character delivery name.
2) Always ONLY trade character that is confirmed on PlayerAuctions!
3) Once you record your delivery make sure to have the video until the delivery is confirmed from both parties.
4) After delivery is completed leave a feedback. It helps buyers and sellers a lot.
5) Make sure you will be able to deliver in your guaranteed time. Do not forget to hide the order if you are going away.
6) Make sure to check your PlayerAuctions account daily if you have Orders pending confirmation, because if dispute is posted you have limited time to reply.
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