How To Make Quick Profits

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How To Make Quick Profits

Post by Nv5 on 25/12/2013, 11:23 am

Whether you are in 07, or in EOC, there is an easy trick to making gp with basically any item.

This isn't really a guide to tell you what you can flip because.. you can flip anything..

I used to buy everything I possibly could for cheap. Could be air runes, could be santa hats, could be Masks, Phats, etc.
If you have a certain item you are looking to flip and spend your time looking for them instead of looking for items that can make you a profit, it is a waste of time. There are items people just want to get rid of, for example Feathers.

(07 Example) Feathers are @ like 9-10 GP. You can easily find them for 7 at w301 Lumby Bank and sell them for 10 on zybez.
Spend 7m sell for 10m-- 3M profit. I used to have people working for me for feathers when they were @ 15 ea for 8 each. Big profit.

If you are on 07, check zybez for prices. See what people are buying for and then base your lowball offers off that.
On EOC find out the market price (GE Price is not always correct) and then lowball offers off that.

This is not a guide on what to merch/flipping, it is a guide on how to increase profits by merching/flipping.
These profits make you tons of money and people do not understand that any item can make money.
Long term investments are able to backfire. If you do a quick buy/sell you will be making so much more money than waiting a week for a 1-2m profit..

Open your eyes to other merching/flipping options because the ones guides tell you are not always the best ones.

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