Selling PaySafe card (30.75 Euros) for 100m[sold]

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Selling PaySafe card (30.75 Euros) for 100m[sold]

Post by unagileguth on 10/1/2014, 9:12 am

Recently I shorted out few documents in my bedroom and found a used paysafe card which I was using to pay for my membership on RuneScape.  Now because of bonds I no longer need to pay for P2P with real money so I decided to sell it for IRC chips or RS3 gp.

It was a 50 Euros PaySafe card which now has 30.75 Euros in it, I have bought it from Greece on 11th of June, 2013.  While it's not possible to convert a PaySafe card into PayPal directly, you can sell it back to an exchanger you trust for PayPal cash. I don't have PayPal account and I don't know of any trusted exchanger so I'll just sell it here.

!Warning! I tried checking few exchange websites and most of them were blocked by bitdefender for being malicious.

30 Euros = 40 $ (I believe you can convert Euros to dollars with PayPal
The price I'm selling it is 100m RS3 gp or 1k chips EoC or 07 which is 0.4$/m

You can contact me either by PM here on forums or you can try querying me on the IRC, on channel "#smokinmils"

I will only go first to ranks+ or people I deem trustworthy.
Should you want to use a MM/OMM it will be on your expense.
You have to state in your message that you have read and understood my T.O.S.
I have the right deny any offer.

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