Selling Ultimate Game Cards

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Selling Ultimate Game Cards

Post by Spyro on 3/3/2014, 9:56 pm

I will be selling various quantities of variously priced Ultimate Game Cards.
The Delivery will be virtual, via the SmokinElite Forum PM.

If you are trusted, I will deliver the code first, if you are not, you will transfer the payment first, and will receive the code afterward.

My prices are fixed and will not change, (Sorry).

  • $50 Ultimate Game Card - 150M
    $30 Ultimate Game Card - 90M
    $20 Ultimate Game Card - 60M
    $10 Ultimate Game Card - 30M
    $5 Ultimate Game Card - 15M

If you need to contact me ASAP, my contact info is on my profile.

Every 10th Purchase, I will enter every customer's name into a draw & pick a name. The winner will receive a $10 Ultimate Game Card completely free.

How do you apply?
You don't have to do anything at all, when I send the UGC code to your inbox, I will take note of your name and add it to the draw.
You can have your name entered into the draw multiple times. Every purchase = 1 Entry.

Have fun!  What a Face 
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