Ebay hacked, requests all users change their passwords

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Ebay hacked, requests all users change their passwords

Post by Daxaal on 23/5/2014, 9:12 am


Not sure if anyone else has been aware of this but Ebay just announced recently that they were hacked and that the personal information of their users has been comrpomised. Passwords were encrypted but it seems like they had been using a weak encryption according to the news article, one of them say it would take only 2 days to brute force the encryption so they have advised ebay users to change password as soon as they can. The hack occurred around February to March but ebay just released the information about the hack a few days ago

Paypal seems to be ok and the financial data stored on Paypal has not been breached according to ebay. Have a look through the articles for more info :)Just letting everyone know in case they haven't been aware of it Smile
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