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Unlog/multiplaycr's Graphics

Post by c 4m on 26/5/2014, 12:50 pm

Had no internet last night so I decided to make a few banner backgrounds of different variations only had an hour but yeah :L I give permission for anyone to use them but please give me credit for them if using <3
Nebula : http://gyazo.com/ea89ad9adf35e3ae32bd18e8118d90be
Space : http://gyazo.com/897893d714d218e0d56612653f211b86
Glass : http://gyazo.com/7dc3e395e6785c5fe0cc190cafba8f30
Abstract : http://gyazo.com/455d121140f53d13d82e575331758e8a

Please can you give me a rating, and some positive criticism.
Need any work done? PM me either in game (RSN: Unlog)
Or PM me on these forums

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