Rewarding Rewards Poll - Thoughts?

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Rewarding Rewards Poll - Thoughts?

Post by RedRaven on 8/6/2014, 3:46 pm

So Jagex announced that there is no content poll this week and have stated having a Rewarding Rewards surprise poll which opens on Wednesday for OSRS. The blog is here:,318,366,65389159,goto,1


I like the new drops for the Wildy bosses, Although i am a skiller i could see the "Ring of the Gods" being useful for those who godwars often. Along with this the possibility of new clue scroll rewards and stamina potions which use up extra grace of mark tokens. I did see a Jmod post on the thread that they would be trade-able, so maybe agility will make a small amount of money on the side depending on how much super energies rise from the update if it should pass?

Personally i can see Stamina potions passing since it seems not many people train agility past 70. Though 100 amylase is 10 Mark of Grace tokens, it may give more intensive for people to train agility if the Stamina potions are in high demand. I will probably be voting for this to be added, although now i got to get agility up for it. Razz
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