Want to host an event?

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Want to host an event?

Post by piramatrix on 7/7/2014, 4:24 pm

Do you have a RS clan?
Do you lack in attendance and members to join?
Well you are in the PERFECT place!

Benefits of using this method!
> You gain the opportunity to host an official SM event while gaining attendance from us!
> You can open new opportunity for Your clan!
> You do not need to have any post count or badge to accept you!
> You also get to kill time while have a GREAT time!

Is it a waste of time?
Answer: No of course not, you open a new window of opportunity for yourself and your clan while enjoying yourself at the same time, is there a better way of recruiting? NO!

After filling out the form below you will be contacted by either Gildarts or any Rank in the Events project with approval or decline, this will be done via PM and would be requesting further details and such.

We used a similar setup a while back in Kelly's group and it was pretty successful therefore we are going to do it again now!

please use the code bellow:

event tittle:
event discription:
additional comments:


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