PC on an EOC account

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PC on an EOC account

Post by Deox on 17/7/2014, 10:42 pm

All 99's, save for Divination. Divination is not above 10 Razz
Mid 100's dung, most needed chaotics, along with some random things like 6 arcane's for pking before it was nerfed.
Lots of untradable, including some from old randoms like shade robes, camo, etc.
Multiple void sets, 16k extreme attacks, 500ish overloads.
300+ QP, ever major quest done besides the new elf ones
Max cape in bank
Xp counter is "lots"
Has access to a top 5 clan, and members from OTG on friends list..... so high level bossing is never an issue.
Original owner

Have not played in more than a year, curious about the market. I know beforehand, my account was easily 3k+, would 500$ be reasonable?

Also, curious about a few things affect on the value:
- 99 Divination (Re-equip max cape)
- Getting the port armors
- Maxing Dung
- Finishing quest cape

I don't mind do any of those things, but am curious about the effects of each on the value of the account itself. Not sure of anything else that would affect the value too much. Razz

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Grandmaster (2000 posts)

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Re: PC on an EOC account

Post by Ironic on 17/7/2014, 11:41 pm

Yeh, 500$ is fairly reasonable.

Keep in mind you wont be able to sell here.
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