Welcome to the iEmz Public Section!

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Welcome to the iEmz Public Section!

Post by -Kenny- on 20/9/2014, 4:29 pm

Welcome to the iEmz Public Section!

The following guide is for all our public members and what is expected of them!

Basic pest control info:
- Novice boat gives 2 points, intermediate 3, and veteran boat gives 4 points.
- The minimum combat to play pest control is 40.
- The minimum level for med boat is 70.
- The minimum level for veteran boat is 100.
- When you die at pest control, you don't lose anything. Instead you just respawn in the lander.

All portals have weaknesses:
- Blue (eastern) portal: Magic attacks
- Yellow (south east): Slash attacks
- Red (South west): Crush attacks
- Purple (west): Ranged attacks

The Portals shield can drop in any of the following orders:


Please note that the red portal shield will NEVER drop first under any circumstances.

Below are the following rules to be followed and known in general:

- When the game starts, and you're through the gate make sure it's closed after the last person has passed (Last one in should close the gate)
- When the first shield drops, rush to that portal. When a spinner spawns, kill the spinner first before continuing to attack the portal!
- After the portal you are at is finished, rush to the next portal that has its shield removed! And so on.
- AFKing during the game is prohibited!
- Casting humidify or any none-damage spell during games is prohibited!
- Staying in the center around the void knight is prohibited!
- Camping a portal with a shield is pointless, just rush open portals!

Ranks in our cc are in charge of the pest control game and pest control world. However, there is a order of ranks who is in charge which is as follows:

1) Owner: Adrijana
2) Admins: Kenny, HAR_RY
3) The Silver Stars

Some DONT'S:
- No buying/selling items in the chat (we're not a marketplace)
- No sexism, racism, drug talk, or trolling
- No arguments in the cc. Any problems amongst each other, take it to pm

Most important!
HAVE FUN and be friendly to all our guests & ranks!


Q: Whats the limit on pest control points:
A: 250

Q: Why do we hop so often? Can't we just stay in 1 world?
A: We hop to get rid of bots, afkers, leechers and rule breakers for a period of time

Q: How many points are required for full void?
A: The top and bottom are 250 points each, the gloves are 150 points, the helms are 200 points each and the mace is another 250 points. Making it 1500 points for the entire set, and 850 for a void set with 1 helm.

Q: Can you open med boat/why is there no med boat?
A: A med boat is opened when there's 75 or more people in the cc, This holds 3 boats in total. Otherwise if we'd make a med boat before that both novice + med would be slow, this way Novice and med are doing good at that point.

Q: Can you please ban "xxxxxxx"
A: What's the reason? (depending on the reason please ask an in game rank to investigate)

All in all, when you have something you need to report, tell Adrijana, Kenny or HAR_RY!


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Tier 4 (500 posts)

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Re: Welcome to the iEmz Public Section!

Post by Adri on 25/9/2014, 11:09 am

Great guide, great clan, great minigame! +repd!
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