iEmz PC - Rank Application Form

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iEmz PC - Rank Application Form

Post by -Kenny- on 20/9/2014, 4:38 pm

I. Introduction

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#1 Most Visited Clan Chat
#1 Pest Control Clan

Comprised of the #1 Pest Control aficionados, iEmz PC devotes 24/7 hours of excellence to a community in need. The time and effort we dedicate to the community is repaid by the millions of Pest Points and smiles we deliver daily. To us, this is what we breath for. Welcome to iEmz Pc!


Leader: Adrijana
Co Leaders: Kenny and Harry
Clan Chat: iEmz PC
Clan Members: TBA
IRC: #iemz

You don't need a reason to help people.

II. Table of Contents

I: Introduction to iEmz
II: Table of Contents
III: Rules
IV: Ranking System
V: Application Requirements
VI: Application Form

III. Rules
All in-game rules set forth by Jagex, apply.

Guest Guidelines

° AFK'ing, botting or leeching is forbidden & may result in a clan-related ban.
° Fighting, offensive language, racism, and trolling, is also forbidden.
° No advertising.
° No buying and/or selling in the clan chat.
° No camping the void knight.
° No spamming in the clan chat.
° Use of "Curse Spells" & "Humidify" will result in an immediate clan-related ban.

Rank Guidelines

° All guest guidelines apply to ranked members.
° Asking/Begging for rank-up is unwelcome behavior.
° Clan activity is an expectation!
° Contact a admin if you must go inactive to avoid demotion.
° Do not abuse power or gloat your privileges.

IV. Ranking System

Gold Star «» Admin
Captain «» High Council - Kick Rank
Lieutenant «» Honorary
Sergeant «» Elite Member
Corporal «» Respected Member
Recruit «» Newly Accepted
Probation «» Trial Rank

Rank meetings are held every other week to determine rank changes. It is advised for all ranks to attend these meetings. Please, download TeamSpeak 3 to attend.

V. Application Requirements

The most important requirement we have is a good attitude and patience to help organize and lead a full CC. In order for us to consider your application we must actively see you helping in iEmz PC cc for at least a WEEK before applying! 

VI. Application Form

We are always looking to expand our clan by training new Pest Control elites. If you are interested in joining our community to help hundreds of players every day, please copy/paste the questions below & fill them out. Also, be creative and very detailed with your application.

Do you have Internet Relay Chat (lRC)?:

Do you have TeamSpeak?:

Estimate the amount of hours you play daily and/or weekly.:

Have you read our rules:? (see post III)

How did you hear about us?:

If accepted, what are your short term & long term goals you hope to achieve:?

What do you think you have to offer us?:

What is your timezone?:

Why do you want to join iEmz Pc?:

Why should I accept you over everyone else?:

"I promise all of the above information is true, and that I may be held responsible for any falsified information." (PRINT NAME HERE)


My iEmz Awards (2014):

.-´iEmz Summer Awards 2014`-.

.-´iEmz Winter Awards 2014`-.

.-´iEmz Competitions 2014`-.

.-´iEmz Anniversary Signature`-.
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