The disgrace of what is known as "OS Justice"

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The disgrace of what is known as "OS Justice"

Post by [ADMIN] Adrijana on 14/12/2014, 3:57 pm

Hello 07 players!

Many times in the past the topic of the site known as OSRS Blacklist (now called OS Justice) has come up. Some swear by it and some worship the server it's run on. The point of the site is to hold a database of players that may have scammed. In theory it was meant to warn other players and keep their RS banks safe.

The site came to my attention when they held a giveaway for the victims of scams. The site owner allowed those accused of scamming to pay to be removed off the site. Does this make sense? Absolutely not when you consider that people that reported these scammers didn't even play anymore. Also, if someone actually scammed and there is evidence.. why would people want to take them off the Blacklist? The Drop Party advertised by them was meant for the "victims" but invited anyone in RS in an attempt to advertise the site more.

A large number of people on there do not even have evidence against them. In cases such as this, the site has a "complaint section" that is just a heads up to clan owners that this person might have scammed. If I was a clan owner that gave any trust this a site such as this, a "complaint" would be enough to blacklist a player from becoming a Ranks. But I'm not 10 and can tell the difference between a concern for a community and a power trip that just shot up far too fast.

I've been encouraged to file a report on people that just simply "harassed" me in game. Do words with no evidence of any scamming behavior warrant a report on this site? Nope.... but it makes me wonder how many keyboard warriors resorted to reporting when they got their feelings hurt.

Yesterday, a past staff member posted a thread on Reddit that included an in depth look on how this site operates. Clan owners... without some solid evidence... don't write players off so quickly because someone decided to build a site and put their name on it. Be smarter and look deeper into it and use your own head.


Reddit Post:

This may be my opinion but I think it's important that everyone is aware the holes that the theory behind this site has.


[ADMIN] Adrijana

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