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Master Guide List

Post by Phileep on 5/3/2015, 4:29 am

This is list is an attempt at organizing and showcasing the best guides we currently have on SM. Hopefully this will give readers a better idea of the order in which these guides are meant to be read, or at the very least inform them of all that we have to offer.

An Introduction
This is broken down into three relatively broad categories: Flipping, Investing, and Miscellaneous. The subspoiler in Flipping is the all guides, properly ordered, that mentors use to teach mentees the various lessons of the program. Below is Google's Third-Age guide, which is somewhat dated, but still a good read. The same can be said for Billious's Active Flipping without a Price Check guide. And, at the end, is my newly created guide on Inactive/Overnighting, which should be looked at as a minor add-on to the Flipping Course.

The investment section also opens with the Mentoring System's guides, in their proper order. The two following guides are both very well written investment guides, especially Julij2's. They will likely not teach you anything you wouldn't have learned from the various Mentor guides, but they can be seen as excellent abridgements of the longer course. They are certainly worth a read, at any rate.

The miscellaneous section is filled with guides that involve merchanting, of course, but do not expressly pertain to either flipping or investment exclusively. Most of them are tips and tricks to enhance your merchanting experience, though, so I suggest you check them out as well!


Flipping Mentee Course

Lesson #1 (Basic Flipping) - Lesson #1 (Basic Flipping) or 7 Easy Steps to Profit

Lesson #2 How the Ge Works - Lesson #2 How the Ge Works

Lesson #3 Inactive/Overnight Flipping - Lesson #3 Inactive/Overnight Flipping

Lesson #3 - Part #2 TT Items - Lesson #3 - Part #2 TT Items

Lesson #4 Flipping Fcs - Lesson #4 Flipping Fcs

Lesson #5 Other Flipping Methods - Lesson #5 Other Flipping Methods

Lesson #6 (Lowballing/Graph reading Basics) - Lesson #6 (Lowballing/Graph reading Basics)

Google's Third-Age Flipping Guide

Active Flipping Low Limit Items Without a Price Check


Investment Mentee Course

Lesson #1 (Graph Reading Basics) - Lesson #1 (Graph Reading Basics)

Lesson #2 (When to Buy/Sell) - Lesson #2 (When to Buy/Sell)

Lesson #3 (Investing in Updates) - Lesson #3 (Investing in Updates)

Lesson #4 (Advanced Graph Reading) - Lesson #4 (Advanced Graph Reading)

Lesson #5 (High Wealth Investing) - Lesson #5 (High Wealth Investing)

Lesson #6 (Short/Long Term Investing) - Lesson #6 (Short/Long Term Investing)

Julij2's Medium Wealth Investment Guide

mypet tr0ll's "Expert" Investment Guide

Miscellaneous Guides
Spreadsheet v1.7

How to Find Good Items to Flip

Unbanned Offers and Jagex Offers

Using Merchz to Find Item Limits

Known Linked Item Limits

Watinko's Do NOTs of Merching/Flipping


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