Hallo everyone!

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Hallo everyone!

Post by Jeep on 10/6/2015, 2:13 am

What led you to Smokin Elite?
I've decided that after playing this game for nearly a decade, I would take a step back and jump into the money-making side of things instead of being poor all the time  Very Happy

What do you hope to achieve while in Smokin Elite?
Learn a lot about merchanting in this game. I already have experience with flipping in the real world, so I can't wait to see what I can learn when it comes to RS.

Have you ever been a member of a clan before?
Yes, but nothing ever serious. Nothing like SE

Do you currently know anybody in Smokin Elite?
No, I don't think so anyways

On a scale of 1-10, i) how interested are you in merchanting and ii) if you're interested, how experienced do you feel in it?
i) VERY interested! I like making money, I like looking at graphs, maybe I'm a little too nerdy. ii) I know buy low/sell high, and I have experience with flipping and investing in the real world and other games. RS is definitely much different than I've experienced, though, in the sense that it's practically impossible to figure out the amount of stock in the G.E.

Do you have any short term and/or long term goals here?
Short term: Become a smarter mercher. Long term: Learn enough to be able to spread my knowledge to others. I like teaching  Smile

What do you do in your spare time?
Draw, skateboard, read, add a bunch of random stuff to my Amazon wishlist.
If other members wanted to contact you, what would be the preferred method? (IRC, pm, etc)

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Re: Hallo everyone!

Post by piramatrix on 10/6/2015, 5:43 am

welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay Very Happy


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