The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

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The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 3/1/2012, 2:19 am

Welcome to Wppvaters Barbarian Assault guide.
1. Introduction
Hello and welcome to my Barbarian Assault guide! This guide is almost, except for some very annoying to gather stats, based on my own experiences. I have filled many horns and killed over 300 penance queens, and I consider myself as a very good Barbarian Assault player.
Please note that this is a very long guide (it's not called comprehensive for nothing), and I have divided it into three posts because of it. The first post is for players starting out, the second is rewards and meant for everyone and the third is for players that is looking to improve their barbarian assault game after playing it for a bit.

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Basics
2.1 Calling
3. The Roles
3.1 Basic info
3.2 The Collector
3.3 The Attacker
3.4 The Healer
3.5 The Defender
4. The Queen and wave 10
Post 2
5. The Rewards
5.1 XP
5.2 Points
5.3 Penance equipment
Post 3
6. In-Depth strategies
6.1 The Collector
6.2 The Attacker
6.3 The Healer
6.4 The Defender
Post 4
7. My plans
8. Credits

2. The basics:

In Barbarian Assault (Shortened BA) there are four roles that can be played as, and the roles are called: attacker, collector, defender and healer and will be explained more later. In each team there are 5 spots, 1 leader and 4 recruits. To start a wave each team requires atleast 1 player to be each role, and as you see one rule will have two players, commonly this is healers or attackers. The purpose of the game is simple, to kill all penance in each wave and then killing the queen, but it’s not that simple, since different penance requires different rules to kill it. The queen requires all roles to work together to bring it down.

The requirements for playing BA is just to be a member.
The recommendations is as follows:
70 constitution, the higher the better.
60 defence, the higher the better.
This is because when a teammate dies the wave ends and you have to restart, higher survivalability = less chance of this happening.

To play BA you must first get to Barbarian Outpost by walking or teleporting with a games necklace which is recommended.
Here is a map:

Games necklace teleport (Barbarian outpost). Recommended!
Lyre teleport/Fremmenik.
Camelot/Seers Village
Spirit tree/Gnome Stronghold

Here is an overwiev of the Barbarian outpost with the most important things marked:

Commander Connad. Talk to him to get your rewards! (yay!)
Captain Cain. You gotta talk to him and do the tutorials.
A table where you can check and level up your rules. There is also one downstairs.
Bank deposit box! Very useful, to store your games necklace or your cape, since capes can't be used in BA Sad
Ladder to the wave rooms. Go down to be able to start playing!
When you go down you will find a total of 11 rooms, with numbers ranging from 1 to 10 and a room with an arrow. The room with an arrow should not be used, and I'm not gonna explain what it does.

Overview of a waiting room:

Entrance barrier and wave number. To quit your team, go out through the barrier.
"Queen books". These books explains what each role has to do at queen, shouldn't be needed after you've read this great guide though Very Happy Only exists in the wave 10 waiting room.
Recruitment scrolls table. Pick up scrolls to recruit a team with.
Reward statue. Flip this to change between gaining points or xp potential after each wave.
Stair down to the wave, can only be used by a player with a full recruitment scroll.
As it's very logical you have to start at the number 1 room (unless you have a ticket or have played before you can only enter this room), the wave 1 waiting room. This room is the most commonly used, and if a teammate quits in higher waves, except 10 since there is usually some players there, i recommend you reset your progress by entering this room again. If it's your first time playing i suggest you find someone that is recruiting a team. They usually say things like "Need def and heal" if they need more than 1 player or "d2g" "a2g" "c2g" or "h2g", this means they only need one player doing that rule to start, if they say d2g they need a def for example. You will also note that some high-leveled players say this and adding "horn team". This means they are recruiting a team with the aim of filling their penance- or penance master horn as quickly as possible, by doing wave 1-5 usually. If it's your first time playing BA you should not go to any of these teams, as they requires you to be very good and quick at doing your rule, which you are not gonna be your first time.

Differnce between wave 1 and 2 waiting room:

As you can see there is quite alot more players in wave 1.

2.1 Calling:
The most important thing in BA is to call using your horn that you get in the waves. Without calling noone knows what to do. Just right-click your horn and select the option that matches the text next to the mouth icon. When the rule that calls to you have called it will display next to the ear icon, and you should use whatever it says.

3. The Roles

3.1 Basic info:
I will write strategies for each rule, what the benefits of leveling them up is, aswell as rating their difficulty from 1-10, 10 being hardest. I will rate them on the normal waves aswell as wave 10. I will also include info about the penance that is killed by that rule.

Here is an ingame screenshot:

What I should call to the defender, by selecting the right option on my horn. If it has switched and you have not called it will be white.
The calling options, I should select the one that is in the blue circle.
What I should use on the penance healers, if the defender hadn't called it would be just - - -.
The penance spawn caves, in order from left to right: Rangers, Fighters, Runners and Healers, please note on wave 10 healers and runners switch spawn points.
The message that comes when all of a certain penance is dead.
The "healer bar". This bar will only be visible to healers, and it shows all teammates names, rules and health. If a teammate has used the medic option on his/her horn it will be a flashing red cross in that person square.

3.2 The Collector

Calls for and gets calls from: The Attacker
Difficulty: 2. Wave 10: 3
Benefits from leveling up: Bigger eggbag and higher chance of succes when changing egg color

The collector role is the easiest and i recommend you start out as one. The collectors main job is to collect eggs. The collectors main job is to call quickly to the attacker, this is vital as the attacker(s) will otherwise be slowed down, and as the attacker has to kill 2 different penance types he/she gotta get them fast. Your second job is to collect the eggs that all penance drops. Look besides the ear icon to see what color you should pick up. Trying to pick up the wrong color egg/egg when inv is full will result in 50 damage. Red eggs does 35 damage to the target, and little damage around the point of impact. Green eggs does 18 damage and poisons the target. Blue eggs stuns the target and after the stun have ended it does 15 damage. Green eggs should never be fired at healers, as this cancels the healers much stronger poison. The blue eggs should only be used when everything else fails, why? Cause the target can receive NO damage when stunned. The eggs are only really powerful against runners except on the first waves. You can also convert eggs by using the dispenser, but i highly not recommend you to do that.

"Pro tip": Run west of the cannon when the game starts and stay there for a bit, it makes the healers job much easier, since the healers will stay east Smile

Wave 10
On wave 10 the collector picks up the yellow eggs that spawns around the queen and gives them to a healer.
The collector then recieves the omega eggs from the defender and loads them into the cannon. If your team has 2 healers, get one of them to follow you when you pick up yellow eggs and heal you.

3.3 The Attacker

Calls to and get calls from: The Collector
Difficulty: 5. Wave 10: 6 (Can be higher or lower depending on combat level)
Benefits from leveling up: Higher lowest amount of damage when using the right attack style.
Penance: Figther and Ranger.
Fighter stats:
Wave Combat level Life points Max hit
1 30 280 40
2 35 290 40
3 37 320 50
4 42 370 50
5 47 380 60
6 56 490 60
7 61 500 70
8 68 560 80
9 77 570 90
10 61 490 70

Ranger stats:
Wave Combat level Life points Max hit
1 21 200 30
2 25 280 40
3 32 290 40
4 38 340 50
5 43 410 50
6 51 500 60
7 57 500 70
8 64 550 80
9 72 580 90
10 57 500 70
As you see they increase in difficulty for each wave except for wave 10, this is because Jagex wants to weigh up the difficulty of the queen i guess.

The number of them are as follows:
Wave Fighters Rangers
1 4 4
2 5 4
3 5 6
4 6 6
5 6 6
6 6 7 (1)
7 7 (2)7 (1)
8 7 (1)8 (2)
9 8 (2)8 (2)
10 7 (2)7 (1)
The numbers in parentheses are fighters and rangers that will only spawn after you have killed the same amount of them already, for example on wave 9, 6 fighters will spawn and when you kill the first two, 2 more will be allowed to spawn.

Your main job is to kill the fighters and rangers, second job is to call for the collector.
In the health ability tab there are now 4 more abilities, called stances. You will have to use the correct one of these to be able to damage the penance fighters and rangers, my suggestion is to put them all on your action bar. You can bring whatever weapon you want, but the higher level the better. The penance rangers and fighters are very weak at the moment however, and will likely become stronger when Jagex updates BA.
You are responsible for taking out the main damage source of the penance, the fighters and rangers. Try to focus one type of penance and kill all of that type, preferably rangers if you have low levels on your team, this allows them to safespot on the cannon hills. When its time for calling, always click away to avoid the 20 damage penalty from wrong attack style and the point penalty for using the wrong attack style.

This is one of the most popular rule to have 2 players in. If you are one of two attackers, talk to that attack and decide who focuses rangers and who focuses fighters.
"Pro tips": Run west around cannon at start, and stay west for a bit.
Use F1 and F5 keys to quickly switch from inventory to attack styles.

Wave 10
On wave 10 once you have killed all the fighters and rangers go to the mushrooms and collect the spikes.
You will get poisoned eggs from the healer. Use the spikes from the mushrooms on them and then use them on the defender.
Nothing else is special.

3.4 The Healer

Calls to and gets calls from: The Defender
Difficulty: 7-8. Wave 10: 9-10. (Depends on your teams constitution and defence levels.)
Benefits from leveling up: More healed per dose
Penance: Healers
The healers increase in number each wave, starting at 2 at wave 1. (Goes down in amount on wave 10 though)

Main job, heal your teammates, second job, call for the defender, third job, kill the healers. By using your vial filled with liquid from the healing pool next to spawn you can heal your teammates, to prevent them from dieing and failing the wave. The amount per dose is 100 lp/dose as level 1 and 350 lp/dose as level 5. Your second most important job is to call for the defender. The defender has the hardest job and has no good way of testing what bait he should use, hence you should always be very fast at calling. Your third job is to kill the healers by poisoning them with the right food. Poison damage starts at 48, and can be reset by a new food used on the healer or be reduced to 18 by someone firing a green egg at the healer. On wave 1-7 and 10 one food is enough to kill a healer and on wave 8-9 you need 2, You should always go to the healer dispenser at the beginning of the game. If you have a low leveled team or you are on one of the final waves, you should then fill your vial at the healer pool to the west. If you have a high leveled team or are on one of the first waves you should just run up towards the spawn of the penance and poison the healers as fast as you can. Don't forget to call for the defender almost instantly, he often relies on that first call. Just try to keep your team alive, you have a bar above your chatbox with everyones names, rules and LP. Always check this if a teammate is in trouble.

This one of the most popular rule to have 2 players in.
"Pro tips": Spamclick on the map when using the dispenser to get a nice speed boost! Smile
If you are 2 healers, let the higher leveled one of you heal and the lower kill the healers.

Wave 10
This is hard as heal and due to this many teams have 2 heals on wave 10. Before the queen arrive your rule is not gonna be different, just that the spawn of the healers is moved one spot to the west. When the queen arrives make sure that everyone except the collector goes to the healer pool, this is so that you easy can heal and refill vial. Keeping your team alive against queen can be hard with a low levelled team. You will recieve yellow eggs from the collector. Use them on the poison pools around the arena to gain poisoned eggs and then use them on the attacker.

3.5 The Defender

Calls to and gets calls from: The Healer.
Difficulty: 10. Wave 10: 6.
Benefits from levelling up: Runners smells baits from a longer distance.
Penance: Runner
The runners are complete retards, which you will find out very soon when playing defender. They always have 50 LP and they just increase in number each wave. (Except wave 10)

First off, this is the hardest rule, you should only try this when you are experienced with BA.
Main job, kill runners, second job, call to the healer. The runners are killed by baiting them to the traps on the sides of the cannons. To do this you use the bait that you get from the defender dispenser at spawn. If you are good you can get a pile of runners to the trap, and kill over 2 on one trap. Awesome right? Repair the traps using logs and hammer (you HAVE to take the hammer in the arena, the one on your toolbelt won't work). At later levels you gotta kill some runners to make the last ones spawn! The reason this rule is so hard is that runners doesn't come 100% to your baits, even when in the smelling distance. If you are struggling you should tell your team to shoot the last few runners. With your first bait, try to bait the runners so that if they run south they are blocked by the most west piece of the cannon hill.

"Pro tips" Click the hammer when you have runners piled up at the trap, this way you dont need to find it when you have left and the trap is broke.
Spamclick the map when using the dispenser for a speed boost.

Wave 10
Wave 10 is actually easier for you, since the runners will spawn in the most east spawn. Use on bait next to the trap, and see the 5 runners piling up. When the 5 (or 4 if one is stupid and goes west) have piled, click the hammer, get a log and repair trap, cause when you have killed atleast 1 runner another will spawn. Kill this one and you are almost done.
When the queen has arrived you are the one that will finish the eggs. You will get spiked, poisoned eggs from the attacker. Use them on the lava pools around the arena to make them into omega eggs and then give them to the collector.

4. The Queen and wave 10

Wave 10 is special, on it you will encounter the penance queen. You will notice 3 changes in the arena; The east cannon is gone, there is a huge trapdoor in the middle of the room and there are a lot of things around the walls. From the mushrooms the attacker can take spikes, a healer can poison yellow eggs in the poison pools and a defender can boil poisoned, spiked eggs in the lava pools. Back to the queen, the queen will spawn level 63 penance spawns, that can be attacked and killed by anyone. The queen however can't be attacked by anyone, you need to make omega eggs to kill her. The queen has 2500 LP, and can hit over 200 with an attack that hits everyone in the team, regardless of where they are, making this wave a pain for the healer(s). The only way to damage the queen is to make omega eggs. They are made by the whole team. Firstly the collector picks up the yellow eggs that spawn around the queen, he then passes them to the healer that poisons them and gives them to the attacker that uses spikes on them and then passes them on to the defender who boils them in lava and gives them back to the collector that loads them. Each omega egg does around 330 damage to the queen, so firing one at a time you would need 8 eggs. However, there exists a glitch that is commonly used. If all 4 teammates spams the fire omega egg button, and the coll uses the omega eggs on the hopper, just loading one omega at a time, it will fire many times. I've killed a queen using just one omega. The average using this method is 2 omegas though.

A poison pool, the healer uses yellow eggs on those.
A mushroom, the attacker takes spikes from those and use them on the poisoned eggs.
A lava pool, the defender uses spiked, poisoned eggs on those.
As you see here, me and the attacker right beside me have both stars at our circles around us showing what rule and level we are, stars means we both are level 5. The healer running however only has 2 lines on his circle, this means he is level 2. The other healer is level 4, 3 lines on the circle and 1 ontop of those, and the collector also has a star.

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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 3/1/2012, 2:19 am

5. The Rewards
You can choose 2 different rewards depending on if you have switched the statue at the end of the waiting rooms. The rewards that you can choose are xp and points. Xp fills up your penance-/penance master horn and points gives you BA points to spend on armor, gamble, roles and recoloring. Note that if you gain xp you will not gain any points in the highscore!

5.1 XP
It takes between 10 and 12 queens (wave 1-10) to fill horn, or about 25 to 30 wave 1-5s, this is because higher waves gives more xp potential, however if it's based on points is unknown. I am currently testing this, seems to have changed post EoC.

How long the horn lasts is unique, depending on skill, it can only be used for woodcutting, agility and firemaking though, and level in that skill. The difference between the horns is that the master horn lasts longer, but it doesnt take longer to charge. 1 lvl 5 rule is required for getting the master horn.
Here are some stats from RS wiki, please note that these are for the master horn:

Level Total experience gained Bonus experience gained
~55-73 960,000 480,000
~73-80 1,100,000 550,000
~85-88 1,225,000 612,500
~90-92 1,300,000 650,000
~95-97 1,360,000 680,000

Level Total experience gained Bonus experience gained
~82-86 1,100,000 550,000
~86-89 1,110,000 555,000
~89-91 1,120,000 560,000
~95-97 1,150,000 575,000
~97-98 1,170,000 585,000
99 1,200,000 600,000

Level Total experience gained Bonus experience gained
~90-95 3,560,000 1,780,000

The bonus stack with various bonuses, such as the sacred clay pickaxe for mining.

The horn now displays the charge in percent, allowing for easy calculation of the amount of xp you will get.

5.2 Points

How many points you get for each round is made up by many factors, these are: Runners that got past (-), rangers killed (+), fighters killed (+), healers killed (+), runners killed (+), player lifepoints replenished (+), wrong poison packs used (-), eggs collected (minus exploded, does not include eggs shot by cannon) (+) and failed attacker attacks (-). Each teammember will get these, but you will recieve the factors that is bound to your role twice. Example for a defender (Note that I'm just making these up, they may be inobtainable in one round):
Runners that got past: -3
Rangers killed: 7
Fighters killed: 8
Healers killed: 6
Runners killed:12
Player lifepoints replenished: 15
Wrong poison packs used: -3
Eggs collected (minus exploded):10
Failed attacker attacks: -5
Team score: 47
However, you are gonna get the defender stats twice:
Runners that got past: -3
Runners killed: 12
Individual score: 9
Adding those together gives you your total score:
Total score: 56
I recommend you to start out with getting points as rewards, to level up your roles and there by get an easier experience. There are 4 different points, attacker-, collector-, defender- and healer points, and they can only be gained in the specific role. To level up a role you only need points in that role, example attacker points for levelling your attack role. The points to level up is as follows:
Level 2 = 200 points
Level 3 = 300 points
Level 4 = 400 points.
Level 5 = 500 points.
The benefits of leveling up:

Level 1: 10 bonus damage.
Level 2: 20 bonus damage.
Level 3: 30 bonus damage.
Level 4: 40 bonus damage.
Level 5: 50 bonus damage
Quite nice, this also means that your lowest hit with the right stance is the bonus damage, example: 50 for level 5.

Level 1: Bag holds 2 eggs.
Level 2: Bag holds 4 eggs + egg conversion chance 70%
Level 3: Bag holds 6 eggs + egg conversion chance 80%
Level 4: Bag holds 7 eggs + egg conversion chance 90%
Level 5: Bag holds 8 eggs + egg conversion chance 100%
The egg bag is quite nice, but the egg conversion is just crap, the amount of time it takes to change the color of one egg isn't worth it. I got level 5 in this just because of the emote.

Level 1: Lure range 4 spaces
Level 2: Lure range 5 spaces
Level 3: Lure range 6 spaces
Level 4: Lure range 8 spaces
Level 5: Lure range 10 spaces
Level this up as fast as you can, the lure range is the range from where the runner can smell your baits from, invaluable.

Level 1: Heals 100 health per dose
Level 2: Heals 150 health per dose
Level 3: Heals 200 health per dose
Level 4: Heals 250 health per dose
Level 5: Heals 350 health per dose
When Jagex decides to update this after EoC, this should also be levelled as fast as possible, due to the huge increase in healed amount per dose. At this moment the heal is laughably little, as a player can easily achieve several thousand of lifepoints.

To summarize: The defender role should be levelled ASAP, the healer will probably be useful again (but it isn't at the moment) when Jagex updates, the attacker gives a nice bonus and is nice to level and the collector is not worth it unless you either do collector all the time or you go for the full penance master horn emote.

Other rewards for points:
Low (10 points in any rule), medium (20 points in any rule) or high (30 points in any rule.) Not much to say, you get a random item. There is also a very slim chance of getting dragon chainbody when doing high gamble, this is believed to be one chance in tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands.

You can buy four different colors (white, green, blue and yellow) for 50 points each, allowing you to color abyssal whips and dark bows unlimited times. However to make it another color after it has been colored or to sell it you must clean it using a cheap cleaning cloth (GE price is usually under 400gp for cleaning cloth).

5.3 The penance equipment
The reason over 60% of BA players is playing BA for, the armor. The armor requires a set amount of points in all roles to be bought, and most of them even requires the penance queen to be killed.

Equipment name Point cost Queen killed Class Slot(s) Accuracy Armor Lifepoint bonus Requirement Other
Runner hat 275 Yes Ranged Helmet - - 480 40 defence Weighs 1kg, which is 1kg less than the other helmets
Fighter hat 275 Yes Melee Helmet - 86 480 40 defence -
Ranger hat 275 Yes Ranged Helmet - 86 480 40 defence -
Healer hat 275 Yes Magic Helmet - 86 480 40 defence -
Penance trident 220 No Magic Main hand and off hand - - - 70 attack 1/60 chance to save all of a certain rune when casting spells
Penance master trident 170 No Magic Main hand and off hand 1868 - - 70 attack and magic 1/60 chance to save all of a certain rune when casting spells
Fighter torso 375 Yes Melee Body - 162 1300 40 defence -
Penance skirt 375 Yes Ranged Legs - 95 720 40 defence -
Penance gloves 150 No Melee Hands - 21 120 40 defence -7.0kg when worn
Runner boots 100 No Melee Feet - 21 120 40 defence Weightless

After the nerfing of fighter torso, which now is on par with other level 40 armor, there are 2 items that are more useful than the rest:
The penance gloves gives -7.0kg of weight when worn, the best weight reduction for the glove slot.
The penance trident and the penance master trident are level 70 magic staffs, however the normal version doesn't give any stats. They both have a 1/60 chance to save all runes of certain type when casting spells.

One not so well known fact is that if you wear the whole armour set (one hat, torso, skirt, boots and gloves) your prayer slowly recharges at a rate of about 30 points per minute. The primary use of the armor is although to display your skill in the waiting rooms to get a better team, and it really works. I'd rather recruit the guy with full penance than the guy with dragon armor.

Granite bodys:
You may buy granite bodys at the cost of 95k gp and 1 queen kill. Pre EoC, these where really good moneymaking when you were doing this, but now they have gone below 95k on the GE, making it not worth getting.

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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 3/1/2012, 2:20 am

6. In-Depth strategies

6.1 The Collector

There are two ways to play collector, normal and suicide, I will start by explaining the normal way.

When the game starts, make sure to call as fast as possible, this allows the attacker(s) to start killing very early = great. If your healer(s) have requested you to healer block you run north-east and stay at the east egg cannon until the healer(s) has poisoned the healers, and then you run over to the west to collect eggs. If you healer(s) haven't requested a healer block, you run west up and around the west egg cannon, and then you stay west for a call or two, depending on wave. The reason why you do this is because then healers will stay east and your healer(s) will have an easy job. Stay west and pickup eggs, and after you have completed a red egg call, you load the cannon with the eggs, this safety incase your defender messes up. Remember that your first priority is to call, not to get eggs, the most annoying thing in the whole world is a collector that doesn't call, because attackers failing is massive point loss fast.

When playing suicide collector you collect the wrong eggs (don't forget to get 3-6 red eggs if they are called), and get the healer to heal you, increasing the team points. This is only useful on the lower waves, and with a higher leveled team, you don't want to give the healer a to difficult job.

On wave 10 you should NOT collect eggs, you must keep your inventory free for the yellow eggs. The defender has a very easy job on wave 10 anyways. When the queen spawns, stay close to her and if you have 2 healers get one to follow you. Soon yellow eggs will start spawning around her, pick them up. The maximum amount of eggs needed is 8, it can although be done with only 1 egg! When you got the eggs, then use them on a healer. After a little while you will get omega eggs back from the defender, if using the spamclick method, use them on the hopper one by one, if not just load the 8 eggs like normal. The only way to use less then 7-8 eggs is to use the spamclick method.

6.2 The Attacker

When playing attacker you should always bring a powerful weapon, and the best ones would be 2h's, since they have strong area damage in both basic and threshold abilities. My weapon of choice are saradomin sword or a godsword, due to that they don't degrade, if you have loads of money go ahead and use chaotics or drygores. You should also have all the stances on your action bar.

When the game starts, run west around the cannon and while running call and switch attack stance to the called stance. If you are two attackers the higher levelled should get the fighters and the lower levelled the rangers, since fighters has more health. When the call switches make sure to stop fighting or you will get penalty points. Keep calling and killing and it will be no problem.

On wave 10 when you have killed all rangers and fighters you should collect spikes from the mushrooms around the edges. You will get poisoned eggs from the healer, just use the spikes on them and pass it to the defender by using it on him/her. Then when the collector has the omega eggs, go up the hill and shoot the queen.

6.3 The Healer

The Healer is responsible to keep the team alive, as if one teammate dies the wave will need to be restarted. This makes healing the number 1 priority. The Healer should also call (very) fast, since the defender is the only one that can't easily test what's right. The Healer should also kill the penance healers. There are two ways to play healer, normal and high-leveled.

The normal way is used with low-medium leveled teams. When the game start you should run to your dispenser, and use it, and also say the first letter of the food the defender shall use. (C for crackers, W for worms and T for tofu) When this is done run over to the healing pool and fill your healing vial. Now run north east and you will find the healers, poison them all, on wave 3+ you will have to kill 1-2 healers to make every healer spawn. Always look at the healer bar with your teammates health every 5-10 seconds.

The high-leveled way is almost the same as the normal way, only you don't fill the healing vial at start, you just grab your supplies, run north and start killing the healers. This can also be done with lower leveled teams on lower waves. When you notice someone going under 400-500 lp you fill the vial and heal them.

On wave 10 your job gets alot harder cheers When the queen spawns get everyone except the coll to go to the healing pool, this lets you heal them and fill vial fast, remember that the queen can hit over 230 and that anyone under this health should immediatly be healed. You will get yellow eggs from the collector, poison them in one of the pools around the area (preferably close to healing pool) and then pass them on to the defender.

6.3 The Defender

This rule is considered the hardest by most players. When the game starts, grab your supplies from the dispenser and say the first letter in the food the healer shall use. Spamclick the minimap as the dispenser animation ends, and you will recieve a speed buff. I always try to lay my first food on a square over the cannon, this way if they go south if I mess up, they will be caught by the cannon hill. Try to get as many as possible piled up at the trap and stand on the bait on/one square away from trap. (please note that if anyone steps through you while you stand on a bait the runners will be able to go through you aswell, eat the bait and maybe only 2/3 runners now got killed, as the last one was heading towards the trap but not there) When the trap breaks from the runners dying at it, run north west to the until you see a hammer and 2 logs, pick these up and repair the trap. If you are struggling on a wave, get the coll to load the cannon and shoot some runners, that's why Jagex made the cannon! Also on wave 2+ you will have to kill 1-2 runners to get every runner to spawn!

On wave 10 you job gets easier Shocked It's true. The runners will now spawn almost directly over the east trap, and this wave can be done without repairing. Kill the first runner, then wait for the 5 other (1 spawned because you killed one) to pile up, when all are piled, walk a way and look like a pro. You will get a spiked, poisoned egg from the attacker, use it on one of the lava pools and use it on the collector.

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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 4/1/2012, 12:04 am

7. My plans
Working on making the guide better looking, adding things such as tables.

I will soon be looking for a team to help me test out certain things.

Looking for feedback! Did I help you? Is there something wrong? Something I could improve? Tell me!

Note: I will always continue updating this guide, so it will always be up to date!
Update log:

Started this log on the 9th of April 2013, no changes earlier than this will be mentioned here. All dates are written in day/month year format.
Date Update info
9/4 2013 Updated to EoC, removed outdated tag, added My Plans and Credits sections.
9/4 2013 Added some tables (a big pain)
11/4 2013 Added penance equipment stats

8. Credits
Me, for writing this guide.
Runescape Wiki for providing many of the stats I have used.
Everyone who provides me with feedback.

Do not copy my work, this guide was made by me, Wppvater, for Smokin Mils. I greatly appreciate it if you post a link to this guide wherever you want, but do not copy my work. Thank you!

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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by I_POP_DOMEZ on 4/1/2012, 12:15 am

great guide, at the beginning when you say rules, i think you mean rolls :p
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 4/1/2012, 1:11 am

hoboman00 wrote:great guide, at the beginning when you say rules, i think you mean rolls :p
Thank you for noticing. I have for some reason got rules in my head Surprised
Changing it now.
Also added more about the rewards Very Happy
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Wppvater on 27/1/2012, 8:09 am

Now it's mostly finished, just need some more screenshots Smile
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by SmokinDee on 8/2/2012, 5:21 pm

Great guide!
I'm lvl 5 in all roles and the amount of people i've done waves with who don't know what there doing is shocking, hopefully alot of people see this a learn a thing or too Very Happy
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Peters on 18/9/2012, 6:57 pm

This guide is amazing and I love you.
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by F2P Buyer on 18/9/2012, 8:59 pm

Guide is really good,keep up the good work
F2P Buyer
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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Noobster on 28/10/2012, 12:40 pm

Lol good guide!
Will help me when i go get those penance gloves haha

EXcellent. this will help people out.

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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

Post by Dag on 20/11/2012, 5:28 pm

With the Evolution of Combat, this guide is now outdated. Please update
your guide, or create a new one, that caters to the EOC, and I'll gladly remove the [OUTDATED] tag Smile


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Re: The comprehensive Barbarian Assault guide!

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