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Post by SM_Kris on 20/2/2011, 11:53 pm

To prevent scams, always ask the person you are trading with to send you a pm in forums that includes their MSN email or relevant ID on the chat system you are using. This will aid in verifying their identity and keep you from getting scammed. Below is the current scam email addresses being used. If you know of more, please post their fake email and who they are trying to say they are.

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Post by `Sonic` on 17/6/2011, 12:55 am

Quoted from another thread by Slayin Kush. This post earned him my most well deserved +reps of all time, and I figured that it would be useful to have it in this thread:

Slayin Kush wrote:Well, if you reside in the United States [Or said
scammer] you can report them to the FBI, if the paypal was verified at
all either by card or bank account or shipping address then this is one
of the easiest things to do. I wasn't kidding when I said you could do
this as many people thought, and if Mr. J is able to get ahold of
details for you then it could make the process much easier for you and

[Don't bother reading down here if you/the scammer are not In the U.S]

First step: Visit

Second step: Hover over "scams and safety"

Third: click 'Report Internet crime'

that you should follow the form and read up on your states laws (Or
your scammers state laws if they reside in the U.S), it's some time
since I've ever had to file a report there since I haven't done any
trades through PP since I was majorly ripped off.

It can take a
while for a response sometimes, however, if they can find any
information/evidence of this going on continuously you are almost
garunteed your money back over time. And seeing as this is over
$1,000.00 the person can be arrested and tried in court if they refuse
to repay said money. Most of the time they repay you without question so
you don't have to go through that mumbo jumbo.

The upside is, if
they play the 'My computer's security was compromised during this time,
this is not my fault' card, the investigation doesn't end there. If
they were Lying they can easily be caught, if they were telling the
truth then, well, A hacker just got fucked.

Long story short,
once they realize that they've been got by the balls they give up,
NOBODY wants to be known as an online scammer and nobody wants to go to
jail for being an idiot. They also don't want to deal with the
government and possibly be cought for many more things than they
could've been cought for.

Also, Mr. J as the website Owner could
report this himself if he had your information as well (If you/the
scammer reside in the U.S). This is usually what happens on another
website I use when somebody scams another for a decent sized amount and
one or the other is in the U.S. I hope this helps you in some way Neutral.

Note: I'm not sure what all they've done with the form now.
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