Fang III - Black Mamba

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Fang III - Black Mamba

Post by Rrezz on 18/10/2013, 3:21 pm

I plan on buying a Fang III - Black Mamba.

Do you think it's worth it as a Gaming computer?

I occasionally do some video/photo editing/C4D's, aswell as love to multitask.

I basically want to run any MMORPG max Settings without going below 40 FPS.

I would also be getting a 32" monitor to go with it.

Does anyone have experience or input on this computer?

It's roughly 6000$, monitor is like 300-400$, and I would be getting fastest shipping + rushed, aswell as paying extra for extra care. so around 6700-7000$.

I don't want to have to worry about FPS for the next 5-10+ years, I only play RuneScape, WOW, LoL, MineCraft atm.

I realise they don't require a Beastly computer such as the Fang III - Black Mamba, but I want to be prepared for other MMO's or possible video games.


P.S - For multitask, probably be, RuneScape + Minecraft + Youtube possibly WoW depending on whats goin on.

I realise WoW is CPU and not GFX, but if they ever do update there 6+ year old engine then i want to be prepared rofl.

Thanks in advance.

Feel free to post input since I'm currently using a 7 year old computer that runs WoW @ 10-12 FPS at bare min settings, and Minecraft at 15-20, solo is unplayable, RS runs at 20-30 approx.
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